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Repair of ravioli machines

Repair of ravioli machines

A pasta for special occasions

Stuffed pasta is a typical gastronomic specialty of Italian cuisine. It is often served on special occasions, such as holidays (Christmas, Easter) or special events (birthdays, etc.). Stuffed pasta is made up of a sheet of pasta, inside which you can put egg or not, and a mixture based on various ingredients (meat, fish, vegetables, cheeses). It is widespread throughout the peninsula, but especially in central-northern Italy. Here, often, every city or region has its own version. If you have a pasta factory and want to make stuffed pasta, it is useful to have a ravioli machine.

Various types of ravioli machines

For the production of ravioli, you can use a double-sheet ravioli machine or a ravioli and cappelletti machine. Obviously, the choice depends on the type of stuffed pasta you want to produce. The ravioli and cappelletti machines are particularly suitable for pasta with a filling of meat, while ravioli machines can be used for fillings also composed of other ingredients. Both machines allow you to create ravioli with different shapes, thanks to the interchangeable molds. What to do if the machine fails or does not work as it should? Let’s see a solution in the case of the repair of a ravioli machine.

Advice in the event of a fault

Unfortunately, even our ravioli machine or ravioli and cappelletti machine can suffer a damage. In this case, we advise you not to attempt to repair the fault yourself, with the risk of doing greater damage, but to contact a company specialized in the repair of ravioli machines, such as Cocozza. Our technicians will advise you in the best way possible about the damage, indicating the best and most advantageous solution to solve your problem.


Technical assistance for kneading machines

Technical assistance for kneading machines

A perfect dough

The first step in the production of pasta is the dough. It is composed of very few ingredients: flour (which can be of various types, not only wheat, but also special flours, such as wholemeal, gluten-free or different cereals, such as kamut, buckwheat, spelled, etc. ) and water. Depending on the type of pasta you want to obtain, you can also add eggs. Once these ingredients were mixed by hand and it took a long time to obtain large quantities of the product. Today, fortunately, kneading machines have been introduced and they make it possible to automate the process and to realize large quantities of dough in a short time, without losing the quality of the artisanal product.

The kneading machines

The kneading machines on the market are motorized machines equipped with a tank of different capacities according to the models (from 15 up to 85 kg). The tank is mounted on a base and is often foldable, manually and / or automatically, in order to facilitate the passage of the mixture in other machines. Generally, the kneading machines are made of stainless steel and / or certified materials that can come in contact with food. The kneading shaft is removable in order to allow an efficient cleaning. If a machine should fail, you can contact the technical assistance for kneading machines.

Repair of kneading machines

If the kneading machine presents problems, it is advisable to immediately contact the kneading machines technical assistance. Cocozza guarantees a high level of quality thanks to the specialized technicians who have provided this type of service for years. Aware that every day when the kneader machine is not used means a significant loss of turnover, our technical assistance intervenes in a timely manner, trying to resolve the failure as soon as possible or, in any case, to provide the best advice.

Repair of pasta counter cutters

Repair of pasta counter cutters

Pasta shapes

We have mentioned several times that in Italy there are numerous pasta shapes. In addition to the classic spaghetti or penne, each region has a particular shape. Each type is associated with a specific seasoning or several preparations, based on its consistency and its ability to retain the sauce or based on regional recipes. The pasta shapes are generally divided into:

  • long pasta, which can have a round section (like spaghetti or vermicelli), square (like spaghetti alla chitarra), rectangular (like linguine or bavette) or tubular (like bucatini) or can be “grouped” (like fettuccine or angel hair);
  • short pasta, of the most varied shapes;
  • filled pasta.


A tool suitable for all shapes

The counter cutters are indispensable for your laboratory. This machine allows to obtain a great variety of pasta shapes – both short and long – and all types of regional pastas. Unfortunately, even this useful tool can run into problems and it is therefore necessary to repair it.

Operation and repair

The counter cutters can be used, as the name indicates, to cut the dough directly at the counter. The operation is very simple: you have to insert a sheet of dough in the already calibrated machine and you get the finished product. There are models of various sizes and with a different number of cutting rolls in order to meet the needs of everyone.

And what if this machine breaks? As usual, it is advisable to contact a professional specialized in repairing counter cutters, such as Cocozza, which will advise you on the best solution for your machine.




Repairing the kneading machines

Repairing the kneading machines

Effective and timely assistance

In our pasta factory, there are many machines: kneading machines, machines for the dough, machines for traditional regional pastas and many others. Today, these machines are very modern and equipped with technological devices that facilitate their operation, but that do not, unfortunately, prevent malfunctions or breakages. Cocozzabari offers to all its customers a highly specialized and professional technical support, which intervenes promptly to solve any problem

Kneading machines

Kneading machines are one of the most important machines in our laboratory. They make it possible to automate a production phase that, if carried out manually, requires time and effort. The dough is at the base of the production of pasta; for instance, without a good dough the final product suffers from lack of quality. Therefore, it is necessary that these machines are always at their maximum efficiency. What should we do then if our kneader stops working? The only solution is to call a good repair service for kneading machines like the one by Cocozzabari.

Repair or replace?

If our kneader machine is damaged, it is necessary to contact a specialized repair center. The professional will be able to tell us, after viewing the machine, if it is better to repair it or replace it. Certainly, the first option is always the best, for instance, pasta machines are often expensive. Repairing your car, for example, in order to let it have a longer life can be a profitable choice not only from an economic point of view. A repair requires shorter times than entirely replacing a machine; Often it takes several days to dispatch a new machinery.



Automatic combined groups

Gruppo combinato

How many equipment for the production of pasta!

Inside a laboratory or a fresh pasta shop you need to have many machines: kneaders, dough sheeters, forming machines, driers … Depending on the shapes to be produced, ravioli machines or machines to create the cappelletti may also be necessary! And if there was a machine capable of bringing together many of these functions, perhaps automating them?

To respond to this need, we offer you the automatic combined groups.

Machines suitable for every need

The automatic combined units are multi-function machines, with reduced dimensions, suitable not only for fresh pasta shops, but also for hotels, restaurants and canteens. All moving parts of these machines are mounted on bearings (in which, thanks to special measures, it prevents any infiltration possibility), bushings and self-lubricating supports, therefore no scheduled maintenance is necessary.

Many functions in one machine

The automatic combined groups are equipped with:

  • a kneading tank;
  • a rolling unit with automatic sheeter;
  • an automatic cutting group;
  • a double sheet ravioli machine.

The mixing tank for the production of flour mixes has a capacity of 18-20 kg and a removable part that facilitates cleaning. The rolling unit with an automatic sheeter of 160 mm width makes it possible to produce continuous sheets of dough.  Two pairs of rollers with a diameter of 55 mm allow the regulation of the dough. The automatic cutting machine, equipped with various molds, allows to automatically produce the sheet for lasagna, tagliatelle, pappardelle, fettuccine and linguine of the desired thickness and length. The groups are supplied with a double sheet ravioli machine (also 160 mm wide) which, thanks to various interchangeable and easily replaceable molds, makes it possible to produce ravioli of different shapes: square, round, half-moon, flower or heart. The ravioli machine is especially indicated for the processing of soft fillings made with ricotta or other types of cheese, vegetables or meat that are dosed in the raviolo with a press system.