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Z model conveyor belts

Z model

Industrial machines

If you decide to produce large quantities of pasta (fresh or dried), an industrial machinery is necessary. Today, there are various models of machines that allow you to optimize production times and obtain a final product with similar characteristics and qualities as the traditional one. A precious element for our production line are the Z model conveyor belts, which guarantee the rapid connection between the various departments of our company and allow a reduction in transport times and a reduction of the waste of raw materials during processing.

Belts suitable for every environment

The Z model conveyor belts (but also other models) are used to safely collect and transport the dough obtained from the forming machines; they also serve as a link between production machines and heat treatment machines, making it possible to shorten the distances (and therefore the time) between the various departments. They are very flexible machines both in terms of use and size. In fact, they are composed of modular elements that can be mounted in any environment, based on the space available, and follow personalized routes according to the production needs.

Some characteristics

The Z model conveyor belts are constituted by a tubular stainless steel frame that rests on four self-aligning wheels, adjustable in height. They are powered by an electric motor. Generally, the belts are assembled following the requireed measurements, based on the space available; they are therefore completely customizable. They guarantee maximum synchrony of the steps thanks to computerized control systems managed by an operator. The conveyor belts also have loading and unloading areas that can be manual or automated.


Repairing the kneading machines

Repairing the kneading machines

Effective and timely assistance

In our pasta factory, there are many machines: kneading machines, machines for the dough, machines for traditional regional pastas and many others. Today, these machines are very modern and equipped with technological devices that facilitate their operation, but that do not, unfortunately, prevent malfunctions or breakages. Cocozzabari offers to all its customers a highly specialized and professional technical support, which intervenes promptly to solve any problem

Kneading machines

Kneading machines are one of the most important machines in our laboratory. They make it possible to automate a production phase that, if carried out manually, requires time and effort. The dough is at the base of the production of pasta; for instance, without a good dough the final product suffers from lack of quality. Therefore, it is necessary that these machines are always at their maximum efficiency. What should we do then if our kneader stops working? The only solution is to call a good repair service for kneading machines like the one by Cocozzabari.

Repair or replace?

If our kneader machine is damaged, it is necessary to contact a specialized repair center. The professional will be able to tell us, after viewing the machine, if it is better to repair it or replace it. Certainly, the first option is always the best, for instance, pasta machines are often expensive. Repairing your car, for example, in order to let it have a longer life can be a profitable choice not only from an economic point of view. A repair requires shorter times than entirely replacing a machine; Often it takes several days to dispatch a new machinery.



Farfalle slicers

A special machine for farfalle

Machinery for particular shapes

Inside your laboratory or pasta factory, you should have machines that allow you to create special shapes of fresh or dried pasta – obviously in the case you decide to sell this type of product. Therefore, it will be possible to have machines for the production of typical regional pastas (such as orecchiette) or machines which produce pasta with characteristic shapes not linked to a specific territory. Today, we will speak about the farfalle slicer.

An extremely recognizable shape

Farfalle are a loved pasta shape, especially by children. You get them by pinching a small rectangle of pastry in the center in order to get the typical shape that looks like the open wings of a butterfly (or a bow tie!), from which they take their name. Today, this shape is widespread throughout Italy; however, it was borned in Lombardy and Emilia and boasts very ancient origins. Some sources mention its use already in the sixteenth century.

Farfalle are a type of pasta that goes well with delicate sauces and not too strong flavor, like fish, vegetables, cheese or spices. They are an excellent even for cold pasta.

A special machine for farfalle

The farfalle slicers make it possible to obtain a product with the same aesthetic characteristics as the artisan one.

They are equipped with a stainless steel structure, while all parts in contact with the mixture are made of materials suitable for food. The farfalle slicers consist of a vertical structure. At the top, there is the calibration adjustment that takes place thanks to two rollers. In the central part, we find the blanking, forming and ejection systems of the product that can be adjusted in size. At the bottom, there is a tape that allows you to collect the waste product. The farfalle slicers have their own electrical system with a corresponding control panel and two motors: one for the puff pastry and one for the molding. There are various models based on the width of the pastry and the quantity of farfalle that you want to produce.






The return to work and pasta

The return to work and pasta

September, the month of the resuming of the routine

September is perceived as the month of the end of the holidays: In fact, most of the people return to work and young people go back to school. In short, September is the month of the resuming of the daily routine! And often going back to work is really very tiring and difficult.

What to do in order to face the return? Can pasta relieve stress? Here are some tips in this sense.

How to cope with post-vacation stress

When we are on vacation, we get used to different rhythms compared to daily routine: we manage freely our time, we are more in open air and we live different experiences. For this reason, many people, when returning to work accuse the so-called post-vacation stress, or a general malaise characterized by a feeling of unease, exhaustion, anxiety and nervousness. Here are some tips to face post-vacation stress.


  • Try to resume work gradually, organizing it by setting daily goals in order not to stress immediately.
  • Stay in the sun as much as possible, perhaps by taking an outdoor lunch break: Why not eat a good plate of pasta while sitting in a park instead of staying in the office?
  • Follow a proper diet, eating simple and complex carbohydrates (like pasta!), because our brain needs sugar.
  • Doing sports or walking helps to eliminate stress.
  • Organize weekend getaways … this lets you feel like you are still on holiday!

Coming back pasta

When you start working again, it is good to eat light lunches. A good plate of pasta helps in this sense. You can cook it at home or you order it in a restaurant or bar, either the case, pasta is an excellent food to face the return to work, also because our brain needs carbohydrates.

Choose the type of pasta you like (from semolina, wholemeal, corn, rice …) and season it with light condiments based on vegetables, and avoid the most complex sauces. Since the weather can still be warm, you can also eat a plate of cold pasta.

These are just some tips. Each of us can find many tasty recipes for the “coming back pasta”.