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Presses for wire drawn pastas

Presses for wire drawn pastas

Machines to create every kind of pasta

Every pasta factory or laboratory should have presses for wire drawn pastas. They allow you to create the dough and, above all, to give it the desired shape. The automation of this process involves the possibility of making large quantities of pasta in a short time, without altering its final quality, genuineness, and taste.

What is extrusion?

Once ready, the dough is pressed and passed through an extruder, or a die with different shapes depending on the size of pasta (short or long) that you want to get: spaghetti, penne, fusilli, and many others. The extrusion sleeve features an open-circuit water cooling system that dissipates the heat generated by the pressure. After extrusion, the pasta is subjected to a flow of air, so that it does not remain attached during the drying phase.

Cocozza’s offer

In our catalogue, there are two types of wire drawn presses: mono and dual tank presses. Our customers have the possibility to choose between the most suitable solution for their companies. Both presses are equipped with kneading trays of different capacities (depending on the quantity of pasta to be produced) that can be manually tilted. The possibility to change various dies allows the extrusion of numerous pasta shapes, both short and long, or to obtain sheets for lasagna. The extrusion sleeve features an open-circuit water cooling system that dissipates the heat generated by the pressure. To ensure the operator’s safety, any potentially dangerous component on the machine is equipped with legally required protections.




Pasteurisers repair

Pasteurisers repair

Professional machines can break …

Equipping your laboratory or pasta factory with professional machinery for pasta making allows you to optimize production times without renouncing to the quality of the product. To achieve this result, the machinery must undergo continuous maintenance. However, sometimes there can be breakages and / or minor malfunctions. In these cases, considering also the often not very “affordable” price of these machines, it is necessary to contact specialized repair technicians.

The pasteurisers

We have seen how the pasteuriser is a very important machine for the production of pasta, especially for fresh pasta. For this type, in fact, pasteurization is mandatory by law. Through this process pathogens, yeasts and fungi are eliminated, thus guaranteeing the quality of the pasta from a hygienic-sanitary point of view and also a longer conservation of the packaged product. It is therefore extremely important to have an efficient machine and, if there are problems, immediately contact a technician specialized in pasteurisers repair.

Cocozza’s technicians

Our company offers a technical support service that intervenes quickly, because we are aware of how important ist o have a working machine in the production. As for the pasteuriser repair, highly specialized staff will evaluate the problem and will try to solve it as quickly as possible. After viewing the machine, our technicians will be able to provide the best solution, advising whether it is better to repair or replace the machine. Therefore, we not only offer assistance, but we also provide highly specialized advice. A repaired pasteuriser will be like a new one!


Second hand 10kg kneading machine

Second hand 10kg kneading machine

Choose a quality second hand machine

If you decide to open a pasta laboratory or if you already own it but you need to replace a machine, you could take into consideration the second-hand market. In fact, the machines that you need are often very expensive and if the money to invest is limited, you can find excellent second-hand machines that work perfectly. The important thing is to apply to specialized companies, such as Cocozza, which can guarantee the validity of the machinery and also a valuable assistance. Let’s see today the second-hand 10 kg kneading machine.

The dough is essential for the production of pasta

We have said many times how important the dough is to obtain a good and quality industrial pasta, like the one made by hand. Whether you produce “normal” pasta or pasta with special flours (kamut, with legumes flours, rice, corn, etc.), whether you specialize in stuffed pasta or typical regional pasta, the dough is the basis. It i salso important to be able to prepare large quantities in a short time, especially when there is great demand, such as during the holidays. In this situation, the second-hand 10 kg kneading machine is very helpful.

A safe purchase

The second-hand 10 kg kneading machine is a motorized machine with a stainless steel tank inside which turns a shaft with steel blades. The tank opens and closes thanks to locking devices, both electrical and mechanical. The parts in contact with the dough, including casings are in stainless steel; on-board controls are low-voltage. Furthermore, the mixer is equipped with safety systems to guarantee the operators’ safety. The second-hand 10 kg kneading machine has been completely overhauled by the highly qualified Cocozza technicians and is therefore a safe and guaranteed purchase.

A new year and a new types of pasta

A new year and a new types of pasta

Tradition and innovation

Pasta is one of the most important foods in the diet of Italians. Despite being a traditional product, pasta continues to have a central role for the inhabitants of our country thanks to its ability to interpret trends, changes in lifestyles and in taste. Every year, Italian pasta makers invest about 500 million euros in research, development, and innovation with the aim of improving the quality and taste of pasta and in order to respond to the high expectations of consumers, who demand new ingredients and new types of pasta every year. What should we expect from 2019 then?

“New” flours

The new year and the new types of pasta can mean creating a product using alternative flours, and not only the traditional durum wheat. In fact, according to some recent surveys, Italians – especially the younger ones – are increasingly interested in the pasta produced with protein flour, for example those based on legumes, which are no longer a simple addition, but become protagonists of the dough giving the pasta a different taste and also different nutritional values. In addition, the demand for wholemeal pasta is growing, perhaps due to the health needs of integrating fiber into one’s diet. Finally, the traditional pasta with a vegetable enriched dough (such as carrots, spinach or pumpkin) becomes more and more important.

New shapes

The new year and the new types of pasta can also be declined with the innovation in the design of the shapes. They are normally related to the territory, culture, production techniques, and especially to the imagination of the pasta makers. The shapes are important because they determine the consistency and the time of cooking of the pasta. However, thanks to technology and – as always – to the intelligence of the pasta professionals, new shapes of pasta are always found (long, short, striped, smooth, thin …).