Opening a pasta laboratory: A winning choice

Pasta is a staple food in the Italian culture. As we have said several times, Italy is not only one of the world’s leading pasta producers, but it is also the country where the largest quantity is consumed. This food is a real must! Therefore, focusing your business in the food sector, and especially on pasta, can be a winning choice. After evaluating the space available for the equipment and having decided the type of pasta, it is necessary to carefully choose the pasta production machines for your laboratory.

Kneading machines, slicers, machines for stuffed or regional pastas 

Some pasta production machines for laboratories are indispensable, regardless of the type of pasta you want to produce. Surely, you will have to have a kneading machine and a machine for the dough. Both must have a suitable size related to the quantity of product that you want to obtain. Depending on the type of shape that you want to produce, you may need special machines for stuffed pasta or typical regional pasta, or even sliders or gnocchi machines. If the space available is not so much, you can opt for combined units, which combine kneading machine, ravioli machines, and other elements in the same machine.

Other useful machinery

Other useful pasta production machines for laboratories are drying cabinets, pasteurisers and sterilizers. The former are used to facilitate the drying of pasta; the others are necessary – above all – for large pasta productions and if you want to sell packaged products. You can also consider the purchase of pre-cutting machines, which dry the dough on the surface by separating the product and maintaining its original shape.