Professional machines can break …

Equipping your laboratory or pasta factory with professional machinery for pasta making allows you to optimize production times without renouncing to the quality of the product. To achieve this result, the machinery must undergo continuous maintenance. However, sometimes there can be breakages and / or minor malfunctions. In these cases, considering also the often not very “affordable” price of these machines, it is necessary to contact specialized repair technicians.

The pasteurisers

We have seen how the pasteuriser is a very important machine for the production of pasta, especially for fresh pasta. For this type, in fact, pasteurization is mandatory by law. Through this process pathogens, yeasts and fungi are eliminated, thus guaranteeing the quality of the pasta from a hygienic-sanitary point of view and also a longer conservation of the packaged product. It is therefore extremely important to have an efficient machine and, if there are problems, immediately contact a technician specialized in pasteurisers repair.

Cocozza’s technicians

Our company offers a technical support service that intervenes quickly, because we are aware of how important ist o have a working machine in the production. As for the pasteuriser repair, highly specialized staff will evaluate the problem and will try to solve it as quickly as possible. After viewing the machine, our technicians will be able to provide the best solution, advising whether it is better to repair or replace the machine. Therefore, we not only offer assistance, but we also provide highly specialized advice. A repaired pasteuriser will be like a new one!