A complete machine suitable for small spaces

If you own a restaurant, but also a deli or a bakery company, one of the most sought after features is to have numerous “concentrated” functions in a compact machine, which takes up little space. Modula’s production machine for restaurants meets these requirements with a low price investment.

Modularity and innovation

Modula’s restaurant production machine has a modular structure: it allows, for example, to purchase the basic model and add in a second moment other components, thanks to the ease with which it can be assembled. The machinery and all its parts are made of stainless steel. The technological innovation of this machine is certified by numerous patents, which guarantee reliability, ease of use and cleaning, and above all maximum safety for operators.

The characteristics of Modula

With the Modula production machine, you can produce long, short and stuffed pasta. The core of the machine is the separator cylinder which allows to produce the sheet that can be used with the other components of the machine or for other preparations. The calibrating rolls are equipped with a protection mechanism that makes them extremely safe and easy to use. Numerous tools can be applied to the cylinder:

  • the folding kneading tray, with removable mixer shaft for easy cleaning;
  • the three-sized cutter to make tagliolini, spaghetti alla chitarra, tagliatelle and pappardelle;
  • the double sheet ravioli machine with interchangeable moulds that take a few seconds to replace and ensure you produce different sizes of ravioli (you can produce up to 25 kg of ravioli per hour):
  • the potato gnocchi and chicche forming unit complete with flouring unit (up to 20 kg of gnocchi can be produced per hour).