Pasta shapes

We have mentioned several times that in Italy there are numerous pasta shapes. In addition to the classic spaghetti or penne, each region has a particular shape. Each type is associated with a specific seasoning or several preparations, based on its consistency and its ability to retain the sauce or based on regional recipes. The pasta shapes are generally divided into:

  • long pasta, which can have a round section (like spaghetti or vermicelli), square (like spaghetti alla chitarra), rectangular (like linguine or bavette) or tubular (like bucatini) or can be “grouped” (like fettuccine or angel hair);
  • short pasta, of the most varied shapes;
  • filled pasta.


A tool suitable for all shapes

The counter cutters are indispensable for your laboratory. This machine allows to obtain a great variety of pasta shapes – both short and long – and all types of regional pastas. Unfortunately, even this useful tool can run into problems and it is therefore necessary to repair it.

Operation and repair

The counter cutters can be used, as the name indicates, to cut the dough directly at the counter. The operation is very simple: you have to insert a sheet of dough in the already calibrated machine and you get the finished product. There are models of various sizes and with a different number of cutting rolls in order to meet the needs of everyone.

And what if this machine breaks? As usual, it is advisable to contact a professional specialized in repairing counter cutters, such as Cocozza, which will advise you on the best solution for your machine.