A pasta for special occasions

Stuffed pasta is a typical gastronomic specialty of Italian cuisine. It is often served on special occasions, such as holidays (Christmas, Easter) or special events (birthdays, etc.). Stuffed pasta is made up of a sheet of pasta, inside which you can put egg or not, and a mixture based on various ingredients (meat, fish, vegetables, cheeses). It is widespread throughout the peninsula, but especially in central-northern Italy. Here, often, every city or region has its own version. If you have a pasta factory and want to make stuffed pasta, it is useful to have a ravioli machine.

Various types of ravioli machines

For the production of ravioli, you can use a double-sheet ravioli machine or a ravioli and cappelletti machine. Obviously, the choice depends on the type of stuffed pasta you want to produce. The ravioli and cappelletti machines are particularly suitable for pasta with a filling of meat, while ravioli machines can be used for fillings also composed of other ingredients. Both machines allow you to create ravioli with different shapes, thanks to the interchangeable molds. What to do if the machine fails or does not work as it should? Let’s see a solution in the case of the repair of a ravioli machine.

Advice in the event of a fault

Unfortunately, even our ravioli machine or ravioli and cappelletti machine can suffer a damage. In this case, we advise you not to attempt to repair the fault yourself, with the risk of doing greater damage, but to contact a company specialized in the repair of ravioli machines, such as Cocozza. Our technicians will advise you in the best way possible about the damage, indicating the best and most advantageous solution to solve your problem.