A perfect dough

The first step in the production of pasta is the dough. It is composed of very few ingredients: flour (which can be of various types, not only wheat, but also special flours, such as wholemeal, gluten-free or different cereals, such as kamut, buckwheat, spelled, etc. ) and water. Depending on the type of pasta you want to obtain, you can also add eggs. Once these ingredients were mixed by hand and it took a long time to obtain large quantities of the product. Today, fortunately, kneading machines have been introduced and they make it possible to automate the process and to realize large quantities of dough in a short time, without losing the quality of the artisanal product.

The kneading machines

The kneading machines on the market are motorized machines equipped with a tank of different capacities according to the models (from 15 up to 85 kg). The tank is mounted on a base and is often foldable, manually and / or automatically, in order to facilitate the passage of the mixture in other machines. Generally, the kneading machines are made of stainless steel and / or certified materials that can come in contact with food. The kneading shaft is removable in order to allow an efficient cleaning. If a machine should fail, you can contact the technical assistance for kneading machines.

Repair of kneading machines

If the kneading machine presents problems, it is advisable to immediately contact the kneading machines technical assistance. Cocozza guarantees a high level of quality thanks to the specialized technicians who have provided this type of service for years. Aware that every day when the kneader machine is not used means a significant loss of turnover, our technical assistance intervenes in a timely manner, trying to resolve the failure as soon as possible or, in any case, to provide the best advice.